The Griffith Classic Motorcycle Club was established in 1985 to meet the growing interest in Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycles and to supply a contact point for all the enthusiastic motorcyclists in the local area who were restoring older motorcycles.

Our 1st Rally was held in 1986 on or about the Anzac Weekend and is called the "ANZAC Rally" which has grown in attendance now to over 150 entries per year.

The Club has over 150 members.  Originally over 250 members covering two areas of club activity - Griffith & Eastenders (Wagga).  As the Wagga area of the club grew it became necessary in 2016 to form it's own motorcycle club.  We look forward to continuing a good relationship with the newly formed Wagga Classic Motorcycle Club.

Our club is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts with no restriction on the age, size or make of the motorcycle. The only restriction is on the use of club number plates, the motorcycle must be over 30 years old to be eligible for this form of registration.

New membership inquiries most welcome.


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